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Local businesses in the Hinesville area have been contacted by individuals via telephone claiming to be with either “the Power Company” or “Georgia Power”.  They have been told that if they do not pay within a certain period of time that their power would be cut off.  This is a SCAM!  If you experience this, please do not give them any personal information, or pay them anything.
Please remember these things:

  1. Canoochee EMC employees will never ask for a payment out in the field.  If you are asked to pay someone not in our office, please call your local law enforcement and then if possible call us at (800) 342-0134.
  2. Canoochee EMC will never call you and ask for a payment to be made over the phone.  Do not give your credit information to anyone over the phone unless you initiate the call to our office.  There is a possibility that you may receive a call from someone at Canoochee EMC, but even if that person is calling regarding your account, DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER.  We have an automated payment system that requires no employee to have your credit card number.
  3. Canoochee EMC employees should be in a marked vehicle with our company logo and identifiable clothing with few exceptions.  When in doubt ask to see identification.