Prepay Metering

Prepay Metering

How does prepay electric service work?

With Canoochee EMC Prepay accounts, your electric energy use is calculated on a daily basis and is deducted from your prefunded account, which is similar to a prepaid phone card.  You choose the amount you want to pay, and the method and frequency of your payments.  At the time you enroll, you will have the ability to select a balance threshold (as low as $1.00 but not recommended).  If your balance falls below that amount, we will alert you if you choose to sign up for the alerts and reminders.  You can also be notified of all payments, late notices, ongoing balance, high daily energy use, and many other available alerts via text and/or email.

To start a prepaid account, there is a total charge of $105 required from the member. Of this $105.00, there is a $5.00 (refundable membership fee), $35.00 (refundable deposit), and a $15.00 (nonrefundable account establishment fee). The remaining $50.00 will be applied as a credit towards the account.   

Unlike a postpaid account, you will not receive a bill every month because we bill you for your power use daily.  Your meter is read every day and at 12:00 noon, you are billed for the power that was used in the previous 24 hours.  Upon the 12:00 o’clock billing, if your credit balance depletes, you will be notified by text or email that you will need to make a payment.

Contact us at (800)342-0134 to discuss if this is the right option for you, or if you are ready, apply for a new service